Why Self-Roof Inspection Has Nothing to Do with Pro Roof Maintenance

Do you need me – or anyone else – to tell you how important your roof is? Of course, not. You know very well that without a roof, you have nothing over your head. Seriously now, the great importance of roofs calls for their occasional inspection. And now, the question is whether it’s a good idea to inspect the roof yourself or call a roofing company.

Now, before we go right ahead and see why DIY roof maintenance is not such a good idea, let us answer another question you possibly have.

Why should the roof be maintained anyway?

roof_replacement_houston-afterWondering why should you bother with roof maintenance when if there’s a problem, you would understand it and do something about it?

Well, the point is to prevent the problem from happening. If you are to experience a roof leak, for example, to call in pros, the game is already lost. The roof damage will likely be great and so the cost high and the repair solutions far from easy. The whole point of having the roof maintained is to avoid extreme problems, limit the extent of damage, expand its lifespan, keep the home beautiful and energy efficient, avoid health problems due to mold and increased moisture, and eliminate the possibility of accidents due to the roof collapsing or broken shingles.

You know all these things, don’t you? At the very least, you are well aware of the great significance of the roof and its condition. Now, if you add to that the things you gain and the problems you avoid when the roof is maintained, you can realize the importance of the service. And here comes the crucial part. Would you leave such a crucial job – like this roof service, to just anybody? Our guess is that you wouldn’t.

And not just that. You would likely want the best pros on such a serious job, wouldn’t you? So, why not the best possible roofers?

Since DIY enthusiasts are not easy to persuade, let us give you a few more good reasons why leaving the roof to professional roofers is the best thing you can do.

Proper roof service

How much do you know about roofs? Or, your roof, in particular, to be fair? Do you follow the trends and know how to handle problems? Since we all know the answers to all that, let us focus on the essence of it all.

Since roof maintenance is important, the service must be done well. And who can beat a pro roof company?

Roofers check both the interior and the exterior. The interior roof inspection is as vital as that on the roof. That’s because the roofers check for moisture, mold, leaks. They inspect all components on the roof too – flashing, gutters, shingles, broken caulk. And they know how to fix problems.

Expertise to recognize problems

roof growthSpeaking of problems, it takes an experienced roofer to tell that there’s a problem and be a judge of its seriousness. You see, the roof inspection doesn’t only allow you to know if some shingles are missing but also if there’s algae growth or if there’s mold or if there are some indications of rot. And that’s only a single example of a roof issue.

Personal safety

Stepping on the roof is hardly a good idea. Even if the roof is okay and there’s no damage that could cause an accident, you may slip. Accidents like that may happen, especially if this is a sloped roof.

Avoidance of additional problems

Don’t forget that most insurance companies don’t acknowledge DIY roof repairs and maintenance and you may have problems with yours. Same thing with the roof’s warranty. You may lose it due to DIY work.

Clearly, the only thing DIY projects may bring is headaches. Is that what you want?